We offer the scissor lift in our product range as we believe that material handling is one of the most important considerations a business owner will make, both for employee workplace health and safety and for productivity. The primary use for a scissor lift is to handle loads of material safely and easily greatly reducing the need for repetitive and heavy lifting by hand thus reducing the risk of back injury.

The 2T Scissor Lift has been manufactured to a high standard and will lift 2 tonne and sheets sizes of 3600mm x 1800mm. The steel construction makes the lift built to withstand the rigours of a busy and productive environment. This innovative Lift enables the user to adjust the working height for a comfortable and safe workstation by simply using the foot control to move up and down. The table is hydraulically assisted.

Also available is automatic indexing which allows the user to remove one sheet of material at a time and the platform will automatically adjust up to the preset height.

The scissor lift is suitable for all types of working environments for example in the woodworking industry for manufacturers of furniture, cabinet makers,kitchen manufacturers etc for lifting sheets of mdf, ply, hardword and laminate. This lift would be a valuable piece of equipment to work alongside your woodworking machinery. Contact Lance Contact Lance to discuss your material handling needs.