The Co-Matic AR-500 portable-edgebanding-machine allows one-man manual edge banding operation for portable and stationery machine applications

Edgebander - Portable AR-500 portable-edgeBanding-machine. This piece of equipment allows the artisan, cabinet maker or furniture manufacturer the ability to edge either straight, concave or convex edges with ease and simplicity both in the workshop and at customer site. Priced at $2650.00 (plus GST)and delivery, it is a very affordable piece of equipment to have on-hand.

This portable-edgebanding-machine is so versatile that it can be used at your customer's site and can also be bench mounted as a work station in your workshop or for the home handyman in your shed. The machine comes with bench mounting plate. Portability allows large panel edge banding at workshop or customer site. Tight inner and outer radii can be glued. The minimum inner radius - 25mm. The tape feeding guide allows for quick tape width measurement and easy entrance set up. The glue pot with 400mm capacity allows for larger panel applications. With thickness of 62mm tape, the capacity fulfills approximately 30 metres of edge banding.

Glue adjustment knob which controls the amount of glue applied is located at the top of the machine. Its location allows for tighter inner radius edge banding. The thickness of the panel can be adjusted by the scale of guiding plate. Tape thickness range is 16-62mm. The guiding plate can be titled within 15 degree for bevel edge banding. Variable speed and temperature controls are easily accessed at the front of the machine. 300watt heater icon allows faster heat up for the adhesive.

Operates on single phase electricity. Features: - Large straight or curved panel custom work. - Portable or stationery machine applications. - One man manual edge banding operation. - Uses PVC, Veneer and Melamine Edge tapes

Technical Data Tape Thickness: 0.4 - 3mm Width of Tape: 16 - 62mm Feeding Speed: 0.1 - 3.6 metres per minute Total Power: 1065W - 1 phase Glue working temperature: 120-200 degrees celcius Glue Pot Capacity: 400ml Machine Nett weight: 8.5kg Packing size: 525mm x 345mm x 455mm

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