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To comply with clean air requirements in the woodworking machinery industry and still have a powerful, effective dust extraction system there is no better system than Reverse Pulse.

We are able to quote the exact system required for each factory application based on the size and quantity of woodworking machinery on the floor, with the lowest possible maintenance involved.

Gove systems use filter envelopes rather than bags, with regular, timed blasts of compressed air blowing through the filters in the reverse direction to the suction, cleaning them continually as they operate.

There is no comparison to bag house extractors with shaker systems or reverse flow fan cleaned extractors. Gove reverse pulse method is so much more efficient.

Gove manufacture reverse pulse dust extraction units from 5hp up to 250hp and competitive pricing enables Darcy Glister Agencies to offer units with more features than our competitors on the market.

Gove uses top quality components such as Italian made Mecair electronic pulse timers, Mecair valves and German made filter fabric. Rotary valves are used to empty the waste into an industrial bin. This enable the extractor to remain on when changing bins over when one is full. This also eliminates the problem of pressurized bin lids leaking, where other extractors empty directly into the bin.

Every Gove unit comes with an electrical control panel with full switchgear. For larger horsepower units, an inverter starter is available.

Variable speed control of the fan motor for energy saving can be supplied, linked with automatic, pneumatically controlled shut-off gates for optimal performance and efficiency.

The base of the extractor can be made to a height and width to suit our customers bin type to receive the waste.



This new model dust collector is designed to sit above a standard 1.5cu/m industrial bin,( Bin not included ). It will flow 4000 CFM at 12" w.g pressure (3000pa). It has a 12" inlet pipe, includes the PVC skirt to press down on the bin frame with 4x air cylinders. The machine has reverse pulse cleaning and star/ delta starting. The motor is 10hp ( 7.5kw) with an exhaust muffler fitted. This unit is designed to be situated indoors or outdoors. Free-standing unit with sheet steel outer cabinet, blue colour powder coated finish with stainless steel fixing bolts. Envelope style filter medium inside cabinet. Timed compressed air blasts to continually clean envelopes. Star/Delta on/off switch controls. PVC skirt with four air cylinders to seal onto a standard 1.5cu/m industrial bin (bin not included) Automatic pulse timer controller. Inlet filter/regulator


Capacity of air flow 4000cfm @ 12" water guage Fan motor 7.5kw (10hp) (6,800cu/m/h-3000pa Exhaust muffler Included Diameter of inlet to extractor 300mm Filter surface area 30sq/m Pulse cleaning valves x5of Compressed air requirements 6cfm @ 6-7bar pressure